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i am 21year old male 61kg and 5.6ft. i started gyming 1.5years ago to improve my performance in kick boxing and martial arts (am not a pro i am in 3rd year engg now).
i started isolation workout in the beginning and 7-8months ago i included powerlifting in my workouts to increase explosiveness. i did pushpress,powerclean,jump squats and deadlifts for that.
yesterday there was weightlifting competition organised in my department(ie mechanical dpt.) and i took part in it. i learned pushpress techniques from youtube and then a bit from my coach who is actually a bodybuilder and not a powerlifter. i can lift 50kg in pushpress but yesterday in the heat of tournament i lifted 55kgs but still i lost coz winner pressd 60kgs and there were two of them who lifted 60kgs .. they were purely amateur and used absurd technique but still they lifted coz they had raw power(kind of gifted) i never saw them in gym coz am working out in college gym since my first year engg. .i cudnt attain 3rd position even coz i couldnt lift 55kg again due to fatigue..
sir i thought i will be the winner but i lost it. i feel depressed. i couldnt sleep last night. all my efforts seem to be wasted.
i live in a hostel so i dnt have access to powerlifting coach or anything. it was just a small competition but still i lost. i feel like my ego is hurt. sir am about to cry while writing this.
i never came first in any sport since my childhood days coz i was born weak but i tried my best to make myself strong but my efforts are wasted i guess.
next year or 7-8months later inter department weightlifting will be organised in my college and i know competition vl be even more tough but i want to lift 75kgs in that competition.
so can i do it?
1:wat should i do to achieve this goal?means how to improve my push press. i lost coz i think my shoulders and forearms were weak(i couldnt clean 60kg wt. off the floor)but my legs are stronger than other people in college gym.
2.can i take creatine monohydrate with whey isolate to improve strength?
3.can i achieve my goal coz in this gym i dnt have access to proper powerlift equipmnts like flexible barbell and fibre plates and even belt for back support isnt available(i can buy belt that if u vl say and we have velcro belt in our gym).
if i loose again then i wont be able to workout again coz i have a dream of becoming not only just fit but brutally strong and different from others.
i dream of becoming an mma fighter.sorry for so long question.. plse help me
thank u

ANSWER: Rishabh,

I understand you being disappointed in the results of the contest. However, no effort is ever lost. You have improved greatly with what you have available to you. I want you to look at the bigger picture. Often there are going to be people who rank "better than you" in a competition like this. What you need to look at is being better at the next competition THAN YOU WERE FOR THIS COMPETITION. If it turns out that you win the whole thing well -- great. Compete for your personal best.

The training you have done is working for you. I would not take any of the supplements you suggested. I don't believe in them, I think they are bad for your body.

This web site has really changed through the years and it isn't as easy to access the exercise videos as it once was.  The site is http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/videos-category.asp?category=3
I recommend doing the same kind of workout you were doing but making sure you isolate the shoulders and back to help build the strength and stamina. Make sure you do some of the heavy lifting stuff, but work for endurance with lower weight and higher repetitions -- like 15.

Regarding the "tools" you can do it without them. Build your strong abdominal muscles with proper exercise and you won't need the belt to help.  Although in competition I suggest you use something. When you work your abs make sure you brace your belly as if someone is going to punch you in the belly. Blow air out of that pocket in the tummy and then do the exercise. This site also has lots of ab stuff too.  It also talks about food and helping with energy. It may have been the fatigue was due to stress of the event, lack of sleep, did you eat right? were you hydrated...drink enough water.

Don't be discouraged.  Don't quit. You are just starting and anything worth having is worth the effort. And a strong body...healthy body... is certainly worth all the effort you are doing.

I'm proud of the progress you have made. I hope you can see how far you have come and what you have accomplished.  I hope you can find a lifting buddy -- another person motivated to work hard so you can support each other.  Keep on it!
Be Well!

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QUESTION: Thnx alot for encouraging me sir.. and m sad coz people who never workd out defeated me . And i wrked so hard since. 1.5years to increase my strength but still i lost to these raw strength gifted people.
But after this failure have lost faith in my workout.
I did 4days a week workout . and i isolated chest.back.legs and shoulders in these 4days
I didpush press on shoulder days.
Is 4days a week enough for me or shud i workout more ?
Can u modify my routine or specify what i should do?m planning to give squats. Deadlifts and millitary press as my major exercises apart from push press. Pl tell me what i must do ?and in which rep range and do i have to do 1RM also sometimes?is my aim to lift 75kgs is too much for me?
Thank u sir

Boy oh boy do I know how you feel.  The first contest I did I came in behind girls who were skinny to begin with and never lifted a weight.  All they did was diet a little and put a bathing suit on. So, I understand what you are going through more than you know. Do not give up!

Do not lose faith in the workout. Some people take longer to get where they want to be. You seem like a person who has nigh standards. GOOD FOR YOU! Keep going.

4 days is enough. You have to give the body time to recover and repair. The squats, military press and deadlifts are important. Add them!  good deal. When I was around a lot of power lifters they had some days they did 8 reps for 3-4 sets and other days they did 3-5. I have been away from it for so long. Check this site for advice on the powerlifting reps/sets. http://www.mensfitness.com/training/build-muscle/powerlifting-workout This is a pretty good workout. Just do what you have available to you. Do not stress. Nothing is too much. Set your mind that this is a lifetime thing....Be patient with your body. Don't worry. It will be good.


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