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Greg Hoppe,
         I am a 43 year old, 6 foot and 160 pounds and lean. I was diagnosed with fibromylgia but i question even if that is an accurate diagnoses. I try to lift weight regularly, but even normal movements seem to very rigid as though parts of my body are ever compressing nerves or i am stretching ligaments etc. static positions such as sitting causes me the need to stretch in order to reverse the tightness. I have a good knowledge of human anatomy and I understand how "trigger points" work, but sometimes i feel that i am causing more harm than good. I use a theracane to work painful areas on my scapula but since i am unable to palpate them with my fingers i don't know if I am compressing a nerve or simply bone. i am attempting to reverse my shoulders from being protracted but retracting my scapula as in the standing doorway stretch (for the pecs) simply causes my pain in the medial border of my shoulderblade. Any suggestions?

Hi Rick,

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, I have never personally experienced Fibromyalgia but I understand it is quite painful. It is also very hard to diagnose and is very subjective in that as it seems to be one of those phantom diagnoses that have different contracting opinions. I know that there are many possible reasons for it including fatigue and depression and that exercise, massage, trigger point therapy as well as diet and antidepressants and muscle relaxants can be very helpful. Again it depends what causes it. You may very well have a pinched nerve, stress, or a muscle imbalance if your shoulders have been protracted for quite some time. I suggest strengthening the rear deltoids, rhomboids and trapezius muscles and continue stretching the anterior deltoids and pecs as you have been doing. Also if you drink a lot of caffeine that is another cause of this condition as is not getting adequate sleep. If the problems persist see a rheumatoid specialist as it maybe a more serious or involved matter. Rick I have included a youtube video link here for you to copy and paste into your browser that has some good information you may find helpful. I hope things lookup for you and that you free from pain and discomfort soon. Best of luck.



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