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I started weightlifting last year, when I was 15 and have seen gains in my squat, bench, and clean maxes. I weigh 150 and squat 315, bench 205, and clean 205. I'm only 5'6 which is only one inch taller than last year and have been wondering if weightlifting has been stunting my growth. I enjoy weightlifting very much and want to continue but won't if it stunts my growth.

So is your question, "Is weight lifting stunting my growth?" - Short answer to that, is No.

Weight lifting doesn't stunt your growth, if that were true, then every human on this planet who weight lifts would be short.

Football players lift weights. Basketball players lift weights. Strong men competitors lift weights. Boxers lift weights. MMA fighters lift weights. Gymnasts lift weights... Are all of these people short?

Height is based on genetics. You have several years left to grow, so don't worry about it much.

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