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I am a 32 year old male. I love to exercise in all forms and I am quite fit. My problem is that I probably read too much about exercise, and get confused.

I have two small children and have less time to exercise now than before. However, since I have an office job and sit all day at work (my back gets stiff), I think it is healthy to do a little exercise each day.

I recently bought a 24 kg kettlebell to use in my garage and was thinking of doing 20-30 minutes sessions of explosive movements on most days of the week. For example swings of 10x10, and press 10x5 each hand.  When this starts to get easy I could buy a heavier kettlebell, for example one of 32 kg and build up.

But then I start to think… what about other exercises like squats, pull-ups, dips, deadlift, seated row, running, jumping, sprinting, stretching, etc… Will leaving these exercises out be unwise?

My house is near a big forest so in the weekends I often go cross country skiing during the winter and hiking or cycling during the summer.

My goal is to feel strong, athletic and energized. And also, to have a training program that fits with having two children. Could you please help me come up with a program?

I like kettlebells, that is a good plan.
I've recently started a dumbbell program where mostly all I do is clean&presses, and muscle-snatches. the depth of the starting position and explosiveness used seems to work my legs just fine....
an adjustable dumbbell &/or the kettlebell is as good as anything you could come up with. because of the range of motion involved in dumbbell or kettlebell lifting, more muscle is required, I felt this right away and after a few weeks tried the barbell again, it felt super light & I was able to lift more weight than when I abandoned it. so there is no sacrifice in strength from not doing "squats" or any barbell exercises...  the pulling and pushing and fast leg movements in KB & DB training are quite sufficient, and there are a huge amount of various exercises you can do. sometimes I do one hand deadlifts with 300 pounds on the dumbbell, you can straddle the bell or do it from the side position... when I do this I usually do it first and then do presses.   you should choose 2-3 exercises per workout and vary the exercises, but keep a basic idea, push, pull and legs. work everything each workout. and there is no need to have a strict time requirement either, I can do 2 hours outside in good weather or 10 minutes standing next to the bed, what matters is what you mentioned, cause yourself to FEEL STRONG.
look up kettlebells online, try "dragon door publications" and watch Pavel Tsatsouline's videos... they'll give you some good ideas.
good luck.

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