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I am doing weight training since two months. I wish to improve my gripping strength as after few reps the weights start slipping from my hands, also i wish to do pullups as i am hardly able to do even a single. Can you please suggest exercises/ foods(i m vegetarian + with eggs) and steps to go ahead for starting doing pullups.

I do weight workout every alternate day.
Chest triceps

I used to teach remedial physical training to army recruits who could not do pullups, so I have some experience with this problem. first.. understand that your body functions as a unit, whatever "split" routine you're doing probably isn't helping you like you imagine, compound exercises and working your whole body every workout is the best way to train for functional strength. AND begin with only these BASIC BODY STRENGTH exercises...
overhead press    9x3
CURLGRIP-deadlifts  9x3

front squat 9x3
remedial pullups*******
pushup 3x maximum reps

powerclean & press. 20x3

in order to get to doing pullups, do the pushups. and do your pullups like this, step up high enough to assume the top position ofv the pullup, then lower yourself SLOWLY, when you're down in the bottom position pullup as hard as you can, even if you cannot do a pullup, try as hard as you can. then repeat the process for as many times as you can, until you can't hold on anymore.
the CURLGRIP deadlifts will work your grip, use as heavy a weight as you can hold for your 3 reps.
eat those eggs, and drink milk. you need that complete protein.

if vou have questions let me know... good luck.

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