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I am doing weight training since two months. I wish to improve my gripping strength as after few reps the weights start slipping from my hands, also i wish to do pullups as i am hardly able to do even a single. Can you please suggest exercises/ foods(i m vegetarian + with eggs) and steps to go ahead for starting doing pullups.

I do weight workout every alternate day.
Chest triceps

ANSWER: Dear Devanshu,
I would suggest you try to use gloves. You need not purchase lifting gloves, but here in the states we have cotton gardening gloves that have the palms and fingers covered with little dots of a rubberized substance that will help with your grip.  Also you can get a racquet ball and squeeze it in your hands to help improve your grip. A couple times a day....squeeze it for 5-10 minutes. Don't overdo it.  

Regarding your pull ups. When you work your back be sure you are using the bigger stronger back muscles....the lats and the rhomboids (these are activated when we pull our shoulder blades together). That's the first step.  Then if you have a buddy ask them to assist. When you are hanging from the bar cross your ankles and then can cup their hands around your ankles to give you something to push against to assist.   Try one pull up or more if you can, but be satisfied with one. Pull with the back first and then the arms will kick in. At first you will use your legs and your friend will be assisting. If you have no friend put a bench or a chair under there and only push off when you are stuck. Be patient. It takes time to teach your body to use the proper muscles....you CAN do it.  I believe in you! Your routine is good! Eating eggs will certainly provide the protein you need with a vegetarian diet!  Keep I. Touch and let me know how it goes!
Be Well! Karen

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QUESTION: Thanks Karen..
Now the problem i face that muscles fatigue very quickly. For a few days i tried pre workout breakfast in which i took bowl of oats, a fruit and four black dates. The results are not appreciable. I get fatigued very quickly. Since a long time there is no progress in upper body parts.
A little bit (100g) gain was there after two months which i checked in assessment report. The gain was in leg workout, i have observed very little growth there.

Can you please suggest me how do i go about building strength and power and delay fatigues. what supplement or food must i focus on. Its crucial as i have too many delays with no improvement either in size, strength, stamina.


I have included some articles about protein because I think that is the issue here. I know you are vegetarian, but I would encourage you to eat more protein within the confines of your dietary requirements. Eat eggs. They are a good source of protein and include the yolks!




I think this may help you find what you need.  Keep in touch.

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