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respected sir
I am 24yrs old.i play football for a height is 170cm and i weigh body fat % is 15
I want to lose fats and gain muscle weight.also i lack of stamina and speed too.please help me with an advice to gain muscle weight,diet and workout i need to do and exercises to increase speed,agility and stamina

you want muscle mass, lose fat, gain power & endurance(stamina)

get into a gym with free weights.
here is my prescription:

powerclean&pushpress. 30 sets of 3 reps.

30 meter windsprints, 1 hour.

musclesnatch. 30 sets of 3reps.

front squats. 3x10
overhead press. 3x10
upright rowing. 3x10

run distance, 1 to 2 hours.

diet... eat plenty of raw vegetables & fruits, add extra protein, meats, milk, eggs...  

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