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Hi Gregg,
    I reduced my fat from 20%(63 kg bw) to 12.5% (60 kg bw ) in last 4 months strictly by diet and body weight exercise. But i have noticed the fat above my PUBIC REGION is still there. Is it possible to reduce the fat till pubic bone so that only the skin and muscle remain. How low i have to go in body fat percent to make it flat. Currently there is an inch and a half fat above it. getting tired of stubborn fat.

Hi Zen,

Great job on your weight loss and that was quite a task, you should feel good about that accomplishment. Just so you know you are at a healthy body-fat percentage right now so don't feel like you failed. The pubic region is the most difficult region for men and the hips are the most difficult region for women to lose body-fat. Having said that the lower abdominal region is the second hardest part to lose body-fat for women, as these are survival storage areas in the event we are ever without food for some prolonged amount of time. I cannot say with certainty what body-fat percentage would make your pubic region body-fat percentage flat, perhaps in the 5%-7% range I would guess. But it could be more, could be less. Now for some ways to target lowering your body fat (remember you cannot spot-reduce, that is only burn fat in one area of the body, it lowers or raises throughout the whole body) try adding some weight or resistance training, sprinting in between jogs or power-walking, and running up hills or on an incline on the treadmill. Try combining lower workout speeds with high, faster intensity exercises such as PX-90 and those other interval type programs do. All these things will increase your metabolism and really ignite the fat burning. Be aware however, the lower your body-fat and the more weight you lose, the more difficult it is to lose more.

Zen I hope this information was helpful to you, keep up the good work and good luck.


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