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Hi my name is Gina. I'm 16, 130 lbs and have been starting to work out the past month. Mostly I do squats, lunges, running and cycling but also stairs and elliptical. My problem is that I always seem to work my right glute more than my left. I focus on it and it feels like I'm working my left more but after workouts my right is more sore.  My right glute already seems more toned and is slightly bigger; I want to fix it instead of making it worse. I could only find limited info online on glute + leg imbalances and don't know what to do. I asked on allexperts already who said they couldn't help so I don't know if I'll get anything but I figured I would give it a shot.

Thank you for reading.

Hi Gina,

The problem you are experiencing is one that most, if not all body-builders, encounter and that is called "symmetry." Symmetry is where you try to get the muscles on both sides of the body, the same size. If someone flexes their biceps, they don't want a larger muscle on the right-side than there is on the left-side for example. Everyone has a dominant side, which is stronger and larger than the other-side because neurologically we will recruit more muscle fibers on our dominant side. In this case I can tell you are right-handed because you have a larger glute on your right-side. The only way to rectify this or come as close as possible, is to work the left side harder. You can try pistol-squats or one leg squats using just your left side. That's not to say that you should neglect the right-side at all, just work the left side twice as hard. You can also do normal squats but have your right leg higher by standing with your right-foot on a box or some other elevated platform (make sure it is stable and not liable to tip, you don't need a sprained ankle)so you recruit more muscle fibers in the left glute. Try this for awhile and see if you get any results in about 4-6 weeks, but don't do this too long as you may cause a muscle imbalance (one side significantly stronger that the other) and this can set you up for injury. Gina these are the only idea's I have, trial and error, hopefully you have success with it, but if not you may be at the mercy of genetics and what God gave you. In the end it is probably only noticeable to you, I doubt anyone else can even tell so I would not stress out about it. Good luck and continue the good work.


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