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     I am a 43 year old male 6', 165 pounds. I've noticed for the longest time that I have discomfort in my right upper glute when I flex my hip ( bring knee up toward  chest) when standing. The pain is in the gluteus medius area. What would cause this? Are there any stretches or anything i could do to make this pain free?

Hello and thanks for writing. So the gluteus medius actually does several movements including external rotation of the hip. It is difficult to say what may have caused it, as I am not sure what you were doing prior to experiencing this pain. Are you new to working out? It could be a conditioning issue. Or perhaps the muscle is or was tight and you were engaging is physical activity and you could have just pulled it wrong. If you do anything such as martial arts or any activity where you may have been swinging your leg outward would be a likely culprit as well. So yes there are stretches for this, the best would be to lie on the floor on your back, left knee bent like you are doing a crunch. Cross your right leg and pull your right knee to your chest and towards your left and hold for 30 seconds. Also try pushing your right knee towards the floor and work the gluteus muscles isometrically for 30 seconds or so and then go back to stretching it towards your left side. If you feel any sharp pain stop. Also putting your leg at 90 degrees while standing and doing a hamstrng stretch will help but lean forward while keeping your back straight until you feel a slight tug in the affected area. Tight hamstrings could also be the culprit since they tie-in to the glutes muscles. Lastly take a hot shower and aim hot H20 full blast to that painful area and apply Icy Hot or Ben Gay into the muscle. If you should experience pain that starts to radiate down the leg, that would be sciatica and you at that point may need to be seen by a professional.
I hope this information is beneficial to you Rick and that the pain subsides. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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