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Hi Jerry- Im Russ. not sure if you can help but here goes. After receiving countless tests no doctor can figure out what is wrong with me. Whenever i put any strain on my abdomen (even the slightest) it triggers burping, fullness and pressure that can last days to months depending on how it is triggered. I can do very very light weight resistance exercises and then i start burping like crazy and the next day i will feel fullness and discomfort after I eat. this is going on for almost 7 years. i dont have a hiatal hernia and all my tests were negative. My GI doc just tells me its a functional GI disorder. The big problem now is that I feel like my muscles are weakening due to inactivity and a recent test showed my testosterone is low as well. My doc said "you gotta start working out buddy" - well believe me i wish i could. I am 10 lbs underweight and when i do something physically demanding i get winded very easily. I just had a 4 day ski trip and i literally could not ski beyond 2 days cause my muscles are so out of shape. I am desperate for some help so thought i would try this website. thanks for listening


It does sound like it may be a medical problem, but if the doctors with all their training can't help, not sure that I can.

Have you spoken with a Naturopathic Doctor? That may be your best bet at this point. ND's tend to treat the patient not the symptom, and are more likely to be able to help with chronic problems such as yours. Sounds like you may need some of their "thinking outside the box" that Allopathic Physicians are not usually real good at.

Anyway take a look in your area for Naturopathi cor Holistic Pratitioners \. they may be able to help.

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