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hi Chad!, i am female, 24, 5´6, 59 kg, i am looking to build i guess what you call lean muscle, i want that really defined look without adding too much mass, i have currently been weighlifting for a few months, and i have noticed that i have added muscle mass, which i like too, but i havent been able to define my muscles yet, i have read a lot of articles on the internet about sets and reps, i want to know what are the basics for weightlifting in order to accomplish my goal, i know the high rep low weight myth, which is what i have been doing lately, but i cant seem to get the results, i read in a website about how you´re actually supposed to use heavy weights and do little reps in order to get that look, and i also read that instead of doing the movements quickly you have to hold the contraction for a few seconds, so im not sure which one is true, thank you!

Getting the results that you are looking for "that really defined look", is actually the result of muscular development, and the decrease of body fat. You achieve such muscle, through consistent long term training, and there is no one specific way to do this.

The defined look, is not the result of the muscle building process by itself, but rather, the decrease of body fat, to show the muscular development, and the tightening of the skin that conforms to the muscle. This is achievable when you stick to something for the LONG term, and continue to make progress.

Most people do not do this. Most people search the internet, and read more than they apply, and in return suffer a state of confusion from the incredible amount of contradictions from anonymous sources.

Stick to one routine that YOU like. Eat healthy. Make progress each week using either of these  methods: increase your rep ranges, the distance you run, the amount you lift, etc... It doesn't matter. Just make progress using only the routine you like. And stick to it for a lengthy time. Don't expect to see ground breaking results in a week, the body doesn't work that way.

There's obviously more to this, but I'd have to write a book... Luckily my profile page provides you a link to my site. You're welcome to use it. It's free.

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