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hi Vveth!!, i am female,24,56 59 kg, i want to know how to become physically strong, i recently experienced physical and physological abuse from my ex boyfriend, and i would like to know how to be physically strong so that in any scenario in the future i am able to defend myself, im not looking to learn self-defense or anything related, i want to be physically strong as to be able to defend myself against anything or be able to defend someone that may need my help, i have been doing a lot of HIIT and insanity workouts for the last 5 yeaars and a half so i have pretty high cardiovascular resistance, and do weightlifting as well, of course i know none of these things can increase in your physical strenght, what do you recommend? thank you!!

The things you are doing will give you an advantage, stamina, and power developed through your hiit program will help you, and adding some basic strength will add to your ability to defend yourself. but you must know some basics of how to fight in order to properly USE any strength you develop.
I recommend looking for some place to learn a little self defense.(jiu jitsu, boxing, judo...)

as to gaining some real strength,
I'm going to suggest a very basic, very simple lifting workout to add to your existing hiit.
go to the gym 3 times per week, Mo. wed. Fri., and do this:
overhead push-press off the rack, 9x3
overhand grip deadlift, 9x3
use weights that are heavy enough that you can't do 4, but make sure to move the weight quickly and without jerking them.
these two lifts will give you overall body strength & power.
you can vary the frequency & adjust the sets,
a few years ago I got very strong doing 5 days in a row and doing 3x3.
make sure you are recovering from all your exercises and rest & eat well.
these exercises are the quickest way to get stronger overall, do this for at least 12 weeks, see how it works and let me know how you're doing, good luck.

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