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sir i have a question about my weight training exercise called lateral raises.I have been doing bodybuilding for approx.3 years now.i have encountered a problem with dumbell lateral raise.Previously,the exercise went fine i felt that lateral raises isolated my medial deltoids and i felt the burn during exercise and muscle soreness after exercise.But recently it caused me to struggle,as for some strange reason,i cannot feel my medial deltoid during lateral raise,instead,i feel burn and soreness in my anterior delt,trapezius and a slight pain during rotation of shoulder but my middle delt doesnt do work during the abduction of humerus.i have tried reducing the weight,different variations of exercise but failed.i didnt have a major injury of shoulder in the past i just had a slight pain in shoulder which i encountered during bench press but it went away after rest and anti inflammatory medicines now my bench press is also fine but lateral raises are causing problem.PLEASE DO ANSWER ASAP.

Hi Muhammad,

It sounds as though you may not be doing the exercise incorrectly or without proper form, however I cannot be absolutely sure.

Hre is a video showing the correct method

If possible do the exercise in front of a mirror so you can "watch" yourself do it and make sure that your body mechanics are correct.

It would also be a great idea to get trainer to help you with body mechanics.

If you continue to have pain and cannot identify a problem with the body mechanics hen you should see a physician, one that specializes in Sports Medicine.

Hope this helps

Have a great day


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