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I am 21 years old,weight 78kg,height 5.10inch.I am doing gym from past 4 years i was 105kg and reduce 30 kg. i am finding very hard to reduce fat from stomach and lower back. i am keeping a very good diet and hardly have any junk food. please help me out.

You were a bit vague, and I don't have much to work with here, so here's a generalized response.

Sleep 8 hours a night.

Reduce simple sugars.

Increase cardio

Increase protein intake

Eat most of your carbs in the day and less at night.

Reduce stress, take l-theanine

Drink more water

Cut your food intake off 3 hours before bed

Move more... walk, bike... it doesn't matter

Get a weight training regimen going. Increase the intensity of the workout every week.  

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