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I am 56. I am also overweight, and out of shape. Up until my late forties, I was still able to play pick up soccer with my co-workers. During the last game, I suffered a meniscus tear in one knee, and a pulled ligament in the other. Before that I got a bad case of plantar faciitis. That recently flared up again, and I am just getting over it. I am a slow healer, and all of those injuries took a long time to heal, and they needed physio, and an operation for the knee. Just lately I feel real good, injury and pain free, and am losing a bit of weight. Here is my 'issue':
My co-workers, all of whom are younger than me, keep inviting me out to play, now that I am 'healed'. I admit I am very tempted! The mind is willing but the flesh is weak. I would love to go out for fun, but I feel I will just re injure myself again. Am I better to just watch from the sidelines these days, or should I join in? For that matter, is there an age when doctors reccomend that guys should hang up the cleats for good, and concentrate on less physical exercise to avoid injury? Thanks for your thoughts!


Wow sorry to hear of your ordeal. Your soccer co-workers, let me guess they are younger than you and probably smaller, thinner types right? These are usually the soccer physiques. Soccer is a great game but it is also one you practicality have to be a triathlete to play. This game requires extreme cardio conditioning and you don't seem to fit the bill. I would stay on the side lines as with your orthopedic injuries, you may cripple your self for your golden years and you should have many more active years if you exercise smartly. Your best bet is to possibly get in the pool and do water aerobics or swim some laps if you can, as there is no impact on your joints and the water helps you move safely. I also recommend walking, build up to 3 miles several times a week, daily preferably. If you can ride a bike or stationary bike that is great as well. I recommend some weight lifting as too, especially to support those damaged knees, but check with your physician or physical/physiotherapist as for any movements or exercises that are contraindicated (that you should not do).I know you badly want to jump on the field and play but imagine if you really mess yourself up. Can you afford to be out of work, laid up and having to rehab a pre-existing injury that may not ever heal back to normal, all because some co-workers want to kick a ball around? I think soccer is a wonderful game, but not for you my friend. Best of luck Bud and be safe, I hope you become pain free soon.


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