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if i got NASM certification in personal training and a lot of experience, would i be able to start my own personal training business?  if not, what would i have to do, because im going to school for computer science, but i want to start my own business to help pay for college.


You absolutely could start your own personal training business with NASM certification (or any reputable certification from any certifiying agency)as a bare minimum, especially to be able to have malpractice insurance. I.D.E.A. is a reputable organization to join and being a member you automatically get insurance coverage, they however are not a certifying agency. I would advise getting up to speed on the business side of training by reading books about operating a personal training business, Entrepreneur Press has a series of books for busines start-ups and they have a great one on running your own personal training business. Lastly be up to speed on anatomy & physiology, nutrition, kinesiology and various diseases and contraindications to different exercises. Best of luck.



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I can answer questions on proper exercise technique, starting as well as growing in attaining your fitness goals and questions regrading how the human body works from an exercise physiology standpoint. I can assist with any questions regarding anatomy & physiology, stretching and rehabilitation. I am also extremely well versed and experienced in martial arts, self-defense and massage therapy.


I have a B.S in Physical Education and a Black Belt in an eclectic martial art. I am also a certified Fitness Therapist through ISSA and a massage therapist. I can assist with questions regarding hiring a health and wellness professional as well as growing and succeeding in the field for those already working in it.

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