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Hi, I am a 19 year old female and I have recently started working out daily with a mix of different workouts. I have started to use weights gradually, I am currently using 2 5ib weights and doing different workout videos which tone all the muscles on arms. My arms before were quite untoned, I had no muscle and they didn't look great, however they are now looking a lot more tones and the exercises seem to be working. A couple of questions, firstly ive read that you need to have a day off after doing weights. With these weights which are only 5ib and say if I use them around 30 mins a day would this be ok to do everyday or should I do them every other day? Also should I increase the weight over time?
Ive also noticed that my left elbow sort of pops when I do some of the exercises and it sort of hurts when it does it, eg on tricep extensions it pops everytime I move my arm back up. just wondering what this is. Also ive noticed for a while that under my right shoulder blade theres a sort of tingling sensation now and again when I lean over especially after doing exercise and sometimes during weights. Im thinking trapped nerve but just thought id ask someone who actually knows if exercise can cause a trapped nerve there or something.


Ok several questions and good ones at that. Some are simple and others require a little explanation so here we go.

Question 1: You should never work the same muscles with weights 2 days in a row because you will decrease the effects of all your hard work. When you utilize weights, you break down muscle tissue which is good, because when it heals or rebuilds, it actually makes your muscle more stronger and firm. Your muscles needs time to recover, if it does not get time to heal it will not grow as much or become as firm. Also you set your self up for injuries when your muscles have not healed properly. Just some information for you, when you lift weights in the day time, your muscles don't actually start to grow until later at night (usually when you are a sleep in bed, also your metabolism stays charged continuing to burn calories for hours after you have finished your weight work out.

Question 2: You absolutely should increase weights over time because you will stop seeing improvements once your muscles become to strong for the weights. You mentioned you work out to videos so the weights are very light and you are doing many different exercises to target different muscles, probably a lot or arm swinging I am guessing? Do not go too heavy too quick however, as you don't want to pull anything.

Question 3: As far as your popping elbow, you mentioned it causes pain and pain tells us something is not right. Try using lighter weights and different exercises that target the same muscle, but first warm-up and stretch real good. If it continues I would have a sports medicine professional evaluate it as it could be something benign but could be an underlying issue with joint stability. Popping with pain is never a good thing so tread lightly. It could possibly be a weak or damaged tendon,

Question 4: The tingling under the shoulder be could be a pinched nerve, if it is a radiating pain then you definitely have a nerve issue. If you feel it when you bend over, it is probably a pulled muscle. This region where you are feeling the pain is in what is called the shoulder cuff (these muscles all attach at the front of the shoulder) and are what you use when you do chin-ups, pull-downs and rows. I recommend having a trainer or someone with experience watch your posture when lifting as you may be posturing wrong, there by setting your self up for musculo-skeletal injuries.

Chloe I hope this helps you and you heal quickly. If I can be of further assistance please write back. Good luck.


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