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i am 50 ys old 5'2" looking to lose 5-8 lbs AND lift my sagging butt AND cut up my arms. i have exactly 30 min 5 days a week. i am looking for something that would do BOTH...burn fat AND hit my trouble spots IN ONE 30 min WORKOUT session. i feel like i just spin around in circles getting no where....no results = no interest. looking for a specific plan to follow 3days for upper and 2 days for lower with the best/fastest results so i dont waste my time. getting very frustrated.


It is good to see your question after the long holiday weekend which I hope was splendid for you, it was for me. Ok so first things first, you cannot "spot reduce" or in other words target your fat loss to only specific body parts. When you lose fat it happens all over, you can however target particular muscles when it comes to toning (just don't neglect any body parts and create a muscle imbalance)and building muscles. The best bet for you is a nice high-octane calorie blast (think px90) where you use all muscles groups at full-throttle, in periods of high intensity, then slower intensity, then full on high intensity again. The good part is you have 30 minutes 5 days a week, which is a perfect amount of time. However, the days you do high/low intensity mix, you should do something less fatiguing the day after, such as a bike ride, power walk/jog or swim. Your body needs time to recover and if it doesn't get it, you will not see the results you are seeking. Now as far as particular exercises go, for your butt (glutes) do leg-presses but go deep, lunges and/or squats. Also try sumo squats (feet wide, pointing out at 45 degree angle) these really nail the glutes. For arms, do curls, preacher curls or concentration curls, and hammer curls for your biceps. For triceps do cable push downs on the lat pull-down machine and dumbbell extensions. If you can do push-ups or modified push-ups (on your knees instead of your feet) those are great as well. Mix up your reps, do some sets of 12-15 and some sets of 6-8.  Be sure to rest 30-60 seconds between exercises, no more, to keep your metabolism elevated. This is what is needed to shred calories.
I am assuming you have access to a gym so these exercises are great for what you want, if you are unsure how to do these exercises, youtube has great videos showing the proper way to do them. Also there should be fitness staff at your facility that can assist you as well. If you do not have access to a gym, write me back and I can give you some exercises to do at home with things you have in the house in stead of weights. Darlene lastly, as far as "cutting-up" remember this is about your diet as much if not more than the work-out. Together these things are what will bring you the results you are seeking (a long with perseverance),Good luck on your fitness journey and keep up the good work.


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