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QUESTION: I am skinny fat, although I do weight lifting.  My current routine is this.  I do two days upper body and two days core/lower body.  I also do 3 days of HIIT for 30 minutes and do some extra walking, just because i like to walk.  I also take long walks on two days in between HIIT>

 I am 5'3, 34 years old, 118 pounds, and my issue is the belly fat that makes my measurement at my belly button 29" upon waking/fasted. some people tell me I should bulk, others tell me I should cut, and they tell me to lower cardio, but then I have to lower calorie intake, so I'm very very confused as to what to do. People tell me my body fat looks at about 25% and my goal is 22%

I am hoping for some advice as to which way to go calorie wise/a week plan of exercise and a good calorie total to start out with as now I am thoroughly confused.  thanks

ANSWER: Can you please provide me a sample of what you're eating?

It isn't always as simple as calories.

In your case, it may be as simple as what you're eating.

So, provide me with an idea of your diet...

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QUESTION: Here goes a copy of what I ate yesterday.  . . . don't kill me for the M&M's, please!!

ANSWER: I'm asking for an idea of your diet...

Meaning, not just what you ate yesterday, but a sample as to what you generally eat throughout the week. Type out the meals so that I can analyze them. It doesn't have to be exact... Show me day 1, day 2, day 3, etc.

I'm asking for this, so that I can look at what kinds of corrections you could make.

Do you eat fresh fruits and vegetable? DO you consume soda regularly? Do you often eat candy? Do you Eat late at night? How many meals do you eat? How much protein do you consume? Do you eat after your workouts? How long have you been training? How much water do you consume? How often do you change diets? I need this kind of info. An in depth understanding. Even show me any bad habits you recognize.

Give me a deeper insight of what you are eating throughout the week...


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QUESTION: I'll try and do my best, lots of questions.  
Every morning I have eggs/egg whites and some ham/ onions cut up into the eggs and a tortilla or two.  I will either have a little OJ or some fruit
then for lunch, it varies, chicken, lean ground beef, or fish with either a potato/tortilla black beans and maybe some carrots.
I usually have a diet soda or two daily.
I always have a small piece of dark chocolate daily.
Dinner I'll have some beef cuts with beans or tortilla and some salsa.  
After a workout, usually I have nonfat yogurt with mango, whey protein and very little OJ and water.
Snacks will be fruit/quesadillas/some nuts.  That is what is typical of me.  Protein, I make sure to have it be 30-35% of my diet.  I have been training for a while.  I try and get 7-8 glasses of water.  I don't change diets.  If I use oil, I use coconut oil.  I do eat late at night but that's because I'm a night owl, so I go to bed really late and usually my workouts are late night as well.  I didn't do day 1/2/3/ because honestly, my breakfast is always the same, and what I gave you as variations, there is not much variation except weekends if we eat out or grill out.

My advice here is going to be sound, and most likely not very popular... But this is MY opinion.

First off your diet isn't too bad...

Cut off ALL food consumption, 3 hours before bed. For example if you go to bed at 12:00 am, stop all food consumption at 9:00 pm... 3 hour before bed.

If you can, try to workout earlier in the day to better utilize the carbohydrates.

Consume the bulk of your food during the day, and make the meals lighter as the day progresses.

Working out while fasted allows for you to tap into your fat reserves.

Contrary to this, while working out at the end of the day while the body is loaded with food, it's a lot harder to tap into the fat reserves, because the body will utilize the energy that is the most convenient..

Said in plain English: workout in the day time before heavy meals, so that the body can use stored fat as its main energy source.

As for advice from all these people, tune them out... Not to be negative... but because everyone has an opinion, and opinions can contradict... this leads to confusion.

As for the pictures I saw, you did not look like you were holding onto much fat. To me, it looked like water retention.

For water retention, consume less salt, and drink more water.

That will be 50$ Just kidding.

Take care, good luck.

P.s. As for a good resource, try this website: http://www.how2muscleguide.com/fat-loss-guide.html

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