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My Stomach
My Stomach  

Should I stop lifting weights for a month or 2 and just do cardio in order to slim my bodt down. Then, I will continue with weights? I am semi-muscular, my stomach does not sag too much, but it does stick out. My core is Very strong.I just kinda want to start over and slim myself down by just doing cardio.

pics below!!
thanks !!!

Hello Nkechi

Stopping your weight training would be a mistake.  You get a lot more bang for your buck when you are lifting weights and doing metabolic work compared to just straight cardio.  Based on your pictures there is not a lot of weight loss needed for you.  Just some tuning up of the diet I would say and maybe fine tuning your workouts a bit.

You can find quite a few articles on my website www.completely-fit.com in regards to weight loss and workouts, take a look when you get a chance good luck

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