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Hey Chad. I started gym about 4 weeks ago and have yet to see result. But to be honest I am not expecting to see anything substantially difference until 3 months or so.

My question is I need advice on routine. As I cannot afford a personal trainer, you are one of ym best sources. This is what I do now (though it changes depending on availability of equipment)

Monday - train with a friend who have experience
- Flat bench press
- Dumbbell Fly
- Chest press or pec machine
- Dead lift with dumbbells
- 2 equipment for the back (dont know what is it called)

Thursday - self train
- Dead lift with barbell
- Dumbbell Fly
- Pull ups
- Leg raise with bosu
- chest press or pec machine
- Some abs equipment similar to the ab  roller
- 2 equipment for the back (dont know what is it called)

Sunday - self train
- Bench press (lighter load then Monday cos I am alone and afraid it will fall on me)
- Dumbbell fly
- Dead lifts with barbell
- Pullups
- Chest press or Pec machine or both
- leg raise with bosu
- the same ab equipment as above
- plank with bosu

I generally aim for 3 sets each unless I can't do it anymore after 2 sets (which is fairly common depending how i arrange my workout). Routine will take me to 45 minutes or slightly lesser. I tend to do heavier weights on Monday cause there is a friend to assist me. I also do pre-jog for about 15 minutes or less as warm up.

I do not have a proper diet plan yet. As I come from work, home cooked food as pre-workout meal is not available. I usually go for sushi (no raw food except maybe one slice of salmon) as there is a cheap one nearby. Meanwhile I only have time for night time workout so cooking for post workout food with work next day is as good as impossible. Currently I am functioning on 4 egg whites half boiled post workout bought from a nearby cafe. However I am planning to switch my post workout meal to Yogood cereal (oat flakes, almond, hazelnuts, cocoa) with milk and added peanuts. If home have fruits, I'll obviously eat it.

My goal: not necessarily super buff. Just leaner and more fit.
Current body status: 23 years old with average weight size but weak muscle strength especially at the chest area.

Hope you find this information helpful for evaluation. Hoping to hear from you soon.

I'm very blunt, so don't think I'm being rude, please...

My site will address a lot of what I'm telling you below, consider checking it out: gainweightexperts.com

problem 1: You are doing practically the same workout each time. Mix it up.

problem 2: you have to keep track of progress, by increasing weight or reps each time. Doing the same thing each time, and not keeping track, by increasing progressive resistance, gives the body no reason to build.

problem 3: you have to eat more food because you are training too much

problem 4: unless you are training to be a professional bodybuilder, 3 sets isn't necessary.

My expertise is in helping people gain muscle mass.

Your workout is the kind of workout that will make you get lean, and you will end up losing weight, so of course, I'm not a fan of it since I'm all about gaining size.

You have to pack on the size before you get lean and ripped.

My workouts are a lot simpler, and force new growth each week.

With what you're doing, you're gonna get smaller and smaller. I would recommend checking out my site.  

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