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Hi Greg, I was told that at the gym you should use only machines you push on one day and machines you pull on the next. To do otherwise is not the best practice. Do you concur with this advice? Thanks, George

Hi George,

That is mostly true, to be more accurate you don't want to do push muscles or pull muscles
two days in a row. This is because your muscles need about about 48 hours to heal from the
workout otherwise you won't get the performance results or desired look you are after. Now you
can do what I do which is do a full-body workout all at once and take a day or two off and do it again.
I like to get it all over with then be able to take a day off or do cardio, as opposed to having to
go back and hit the weights again. Keep in mind that this is for average fitness and strength gains,
if someone is training for a bodybuilding event or for professional athletics as these people
would be on a specific training program. I hope this answers your question George thanks for writing.


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