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I have been reading that extended cardio is not good for an older person in his late fifties like me. I used to enjoy running on my treadmill, which is gone to the dump, but I have gained weight, and have arthritis in both my knees and possibly lower back now.
I just picked up a used but new model manual incline treadmill at a yard sale. Its too tough to run for any length of time on it, and having to hold on to the sides sucks, but I can do a full minute at a slow pace. Then I get off and do some squats, barbell curls, etc, and back on for another minute. I do this for ten reps. Does this sound like an adequate HIIT type workout for someone my age? How would you re-jig it? I realise I should run flat out, but at this point am still a little hesitant to. Thanks, hope you are having a great summer!

Hi Barry,

Glad you are working out and good questions.  As far as extended cardio not being good for an older person, that is too much of a blanket statement so I have to say it depends. First what is considered old and what is too much? More importantly it depends on the persons conditioning. Someone could be a trained athlete and be a senior citizen, someone like this could log many miles. But if you are talking about an unconditioned person who is training to get in shape then you definitely need to build up to it. It is fine for someone to say walk several miles a few times a week or even daily, this type of cardio is good as long as you gradually build up to a more rigorous workout otherwise a pulled muscle is probably in your future. Running is definitely not advised for someone with back and knee pain/problems. That translates into thousands of pounds of pressure when you land on your feet when you are running and that will eventually be an orthopedic nightmare. As far as your current workout, yes that is pretty good HIIT but make sure you switch it up every couple weeks or so. Don't worry about running flat out. Walk briskly and change the incline back and forth as needed and change your tempo. I think you will notice some pretty results within a couple weeks if you are diligent about your workouts.
Barry I hope I was helpful if you have any other questions or need assistance please let me know. Stay strong and train carefully.


p.s. My summer is going fine thanks, I hope your is as well.

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