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Hello Jerry! I have a few questions that I was hoping you could answer!:

1. I've noticed that when I do sit-ups, after a while my stomach will begin to cramp. I started doing crunches the other day, and it did the same thing. It's the only part of my body that does this. Am I doing too many?

2. I'm 5'11 and 165. Any bit of weight I gain seems to go right to my belly! I'm trying to build muscle and kill this 'beer gut'. I'm not a really skinny guy, but I'm not huge either. Right now I'm taking in around 1500 calories per day, but I walk around 8 miles per day at school. Should I increase my caloric intake, or should the fat start to be used for calories?

3. Do you think doing cardio on rest days is good? Or should I use rest days for resting?


Hi Darryl,

1. It is not unusual to have cramps after doing sit-ups or crunches. It is usually do to improper form rather than doing too many. Have a friend watch and critique your style and form, maybe there is something there. If your form is good than it could be medical and you should have a doctor check on it.

2. A 1500 calorie daily diet is not really enough for most males. Find your BMR and then set yourself a diet that is just slightly below that. If your diet is too low your body may sense it as being impending starvation and try to store fat for when there is no food at all. This will cause a build up of fat, and may also cause some illness or at least have an effect on your immune system.

3. What I have done and found it works well, is to workout 6 days per week, 3 days are resistance 3 are cardio, the other day is rest, and a cheat day for your diet too. Alternate your workout days between cardio and resistance. On day 7 relax, enjoy, party whatever.

Have a great day

Hope this helps.


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