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QUESTION: Hello Karen

Due to knee problem from jogging/running I'll like to ask is doing burpee (without jumping up in the end part) bad for the knees?

If so what exercise I can do to burn the fat around the waist and for fitness?

Thank you. Reply very much appreciated.


ANSWER: Eddie,
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The system failed to alert me of your question.

Burpees are truly not my favorite from a "wear and tear" viewpoint. If you are young enough that your body can do the move then I think it's ok, but if you feel strain or pain in the knees while you are doing it -- or after -- I recommend you don't do them.

Other exercises I'd recommend for you to burn fat could be walking, biking because if you have issues with knees...these are easy on the knees.

The other most important issue for fat is to eat right. Eat primarily vegetables and protein (meat, fish, eggs, maybe a little cheese). I know people throw this low carb thing around like its a fad, but it is really a better way to eat. Please understand that if you eat a lot of protein and then sneak or cheat and have bread, pasta, sugary sweets, etc. it will be very hard on your liver, raise your cholesterol.  The carbohydrates (in the form of sugar too) is what throws you off.  

I recommend you go to the library and check out Gary Taubes books. My favorite is Why We Get Fat.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Be Well,

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Thanks for your reply. Really appreciate it. If I may ask again

I tried out the burpee without jumping in the end part. Even that I feel some pain in the knee when I walked up the stairs the next day but while doing the burpee I don't feel pain.

Is it a sign I should stop the burpee even without the jumping part? Btw I am already 50 years old.

Thanks again. Btw I have rated you

Eddie Chan

Yeah, that's the issue that people don't understand. If it hurts after it isn't good. It isn't always the exercise that hurts when you do it.  This is the typical issue many have.

What may help your knees is to stop exercises like that for a bit and stretch the muscles in the back of your legs -- the hamstrings.  Often the right muscles there pull at the knee and cause the pain.  This article is wonderful explaining the mechanical aspect of what happens.

Stretch. . . your body will love it.
Thanks for the review and rating.

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