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Hello Greg

Due to knee problem from jogging/running I'll like to ask is doing burpee (without jumping up in the end part) bad for the knees?

If so what exercise I can do to burn the fat around the waist and for fitness?

Thank you. Reply very much appreciated.


Hi Eddie,

So as far as burpee's go normally they are not bad for the knees if you do them on the proper type flooring like say on rubberized mats in the gym or on grass if outside to minimize the shock to your knees and ankles. Because most people can only do say 10 reps of these(perhaps 25-50 reps for a better conditioned person) you are not really in danger of too much pounding on the joints, that is for the average person. However as someone with a history of knee problems, you have to try and see how it feels for you as its really different with everyone. If you do these exercises and feel a sharp or dull ache (or any type of abnormal discomfort) I would say stop at once so as not to incur further issues. Otherwise give it a try and see how it goes. Now to answer your second question. There is no exercise that you can do to burn fat around "just" the waste only! This is an old fallacy called spot reducing and it is exactly that, a fallacy. When your body burns calories it does it through out the entire body not just in certain places. Eddie the best way for you to burn the most amount of calories is to mix periods of exercise bursts with less intense periods of exercise and go back and fourth. For example try jogging for a few minutes (or bike of whatever)then do an all out sprint for 2 minutes, then slow back down to a jog. Then do another 2 minute all out burst of running, then slow back down to a jog. Do this several times a week for 20-30 minutes or so and you should burn up a lot of calories. Eddie lastly make sure you are eating the right foods and in the right amounts too so you can keep your caloric intake low. Its better to eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day if you can then 3 big ones.
Well Eddie I think you will find these techniques effective in your fitness quest, best of luck to you.


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