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I have a question with regards to weight loss. I started working out last September usually about 4 days a week. I used to do 10 minutes of running, followed by HIIT(I usually follow Jillian Michael's workout program). In March, I switched to doing workouts from Nike Training program. I've noticed considerable changes in my legs and thighs and in my upper body in general. I've definitely lost inches,I think I might have gone down 2 sizes and I'm slowly starting to see my weight going down.

I am having a little trouble with my tummy area and my back area. I'm seeing some improvements but not as much as the improvements I've seen on my legs. I was just wondering if this is normal for women? And if so, what could help with losing belly fat(particularly lower ab fat) and upper back fat?
I just started doing Freeletics last week and found it very satisfying, I really enjoy the muscle soreness the next day and can really tell its working all of my body. Would Freeletics help with losing belly fat efficiently?



Ok so these are good questions and are as old as time. So to answer your first question is this normal to see more improvement in a woman's legs than her upper body compared to her legs? Well it all depends on what you were doing for exercises. You were doing a quite a bit of running along with the Jillian Michael's program, so your legs were definitely doing a lot of work, but did you do a good amount of upper body work as well? If not this would definitely contribute to a lack of progress for seeing results in your back. Keep in mind that to work your major back muscles you mostly have to do pulling exercises such as rows, pull-downs/pull-ups. Outward-deltoid rotations with your elbow held at 90 degrees against your side would be an exception to this rule. This exercise works the rotator cuff muscles (Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Terre's Minor and Subscapularis) that are located over your shoulder blade but attach to the front of your shoulder. It is not necessarily normal to see more results for the legs compared to the upper body in any gender per se, but is a result of what you have or have not been doing. Now the second question with regards to shedding body fat on your tummy and back, these HIIT exercises are perfect as they rev up your metabolism which is the furnace that burns calories thereby melting away the fat. You cannot however only burn fat in one or two areas only. This is called spot-reducing and is the biggest fallacy in the fitness advertising sphere, do to late night infomercials that promise to melt the fat away from your abs by doing such and such an exercise with such and such product for only 3 low payments of $19.99 , but wait there's more!......
You know the story but to use an analogy, burning calories in only select areas of your body is like saying you only want to sweat from your arms but not your face and forehead, or only your arms but not your legs. Obviously the pores everywhere are going to open to release heat in the form of sweat to cool you down. Freeletics looks like a winner to me for you to get the results you want. If you get bored or start to see the progress you were making start to wane, then revamp your program as you always want to cause what's called muscle confusion so your body doesn't get used to what's coming there by helping you to continuously see results.
Well Naveeshini thank you for your question and I hope you find continued success in your fitness endeavors. Best of luck.


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