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-Hi, My situation...I'm a Naturalist Interpretive Guide in Denali National Park, AK. May thru Sept.
-Plenty of time to workout in winter.  My summer schedule is all-over the clock and hectic.
-I am 64 yrs/old. You would never know it.  Have always lifted...kind of bodybuilder style.
-Not well-versed in split routines and due to summer-season time constraints need to do non-total body-workouts.
-Should keep workouts mostly to a half-hour.
-I could do something daily, or a minimum of 4/5 days/week.
-I try to do some HIIT.
-I can come up with workouts, but some expert advice on splits would be helpful. Days per body part, what parts in best order/day, push v. pull, or any other advice.
-I start with a base of bench press, pull-ups over and underhand, deadlifts, dips, overhead-front presses, squats, then fill-in if time.
-Been doing upper v lower day workouts.  Leg days r easy to fit in, but seems upper days need another split...chest days v. back days with when to add tri/bi/shoulders?
-Looking for a less is more split system.
-We have a small assortment of weights.  Couple olympic bars, plenty of plates, benches, squat rack, not enough dumbbells, but some and can build dumbbells to a point, but plates get awkward large in diameter size to use.  
-I have a set of Bodylastic Bands that I like either alone or integrated with weights.

Hi George,

Have you ever taken a look at the 7 minute workout program or the Millionaires Workout Program?

These are two that come to mind when I think of quick ways to stay in shape when things get hectic.

You don't need a lot of equipment for these as for the most part they are body weight exercise.

The seven minute program is he brainchild of Joel Therien, while Ryan Lee put the Millionaires workout together several years

In regards to splitting up workouts, here is what I do, I am also 64 and have a full time job working 5-6 10 hour days per week.

I divide the body into three sections, back, chest, lower body. Abs are not included in my sections because all exercises use the abs and therefore are well exercised. I divide it up like this back day 1, cardio day 2, lower body day 3, cardio day 4, chest day 5, cardio day 6, rest day 7. My cardio is usually cycling, try to get in about 25 to 30 miles in each time, at l;east 100 miles per week.

Hope this helps

Have a great day


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