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Dear Expert,

I am male 39 years old, height is 178 cm.

Before two months I began a food diet + light cardio and aerobic exercises to remove the belly fat around the stomach, I had 82,5 KG, now I have 77,5 KG. I lose 5 KG.

My complete body (except stomach) is shrinking, but in the area of stomach the belly fat is still there, I do not recognize that fats in this area are reduced at all. And to be more detailed, my body is not fatty, I have I good muscle mass. Of course except stomach area.

My questions are:

- Why the fats in the stomach area are is still there?
- Do I lose my precious muscle mass, instead of belly fat?
- How to get rid of the belly fat correctly?

I hope that I clearly described to you my situation and Thank you because you share your knowledge with me



when I wrestled in school I weighed 119 pounds and had a pooch, people used to laugh at me about it, I looked like a monkey, huge forearms were my only indication of muscle, and I had a pot belly. I could have dropped another 5 pounds, but it would not have been healthy or effective.  
What I'm trying to say here, is that it may just be that you have a genetic attribute that diet won't erase.
I'd just be as LEAN as you can be without starving, and build UP the muscle mass. At 180 pounds, (later in life) you couldn't really tell I had the pot belly. added muscle will help fill out your frame.  
burning fat (for me) is a matter of about 90% diet and 10% added aerobic exercise, all I do is go on the "Neanderthin" or "paleo" diet. eat what humans are evolved to eat, mostly meats and some berries, fruits. drink clean water, and IF you ever take any supplements, take trace minerals. add some sprints or bicycling for a few minutes a day to burn a few more grams of fat. that's about it, except ... make sure when you lift for muscle % strength, you do HEAVY compound exercises, never go over 3 reps, and add volume by increasing the sets.

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