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Dear Expert,

I am male 39 years old, height is 178 cm.

Before two months I began a food diet + light cardio and aerobic exercises to remove the belly fat around the stomach, I had 82,5 KG, now I have 77,5 KG. I lose 5 KG.

My complete body (except stomach) is shrinking, but in the area of stomach the belly fat is still there, I do not recognize that fats in this area are reduced at all. And to be more detailed, my body is not fatty, I have I good muscle mass. Of course except stomach area.

My questions are:

- Why the fats in the stomach area are is still there?
- Do I lose my precious muscle mass, instead of belly fat?
- How to get rid of the belly fat correctly?

I hope that I clearly described to you my situation and Thank you because you share your knowledge with me



Hi Mufid,

If I understand correctly you have been working out and keeping a good healthy diet for about 2 months now.

Your body is shrinking but you still have some bellyfat and want to know how to get rid of the bellyfat.

It sounds as if you are going the right direction and making progress, but like many people are not satisfied with the progress you are making in the one area.

Based on your question I would say you are not at this point doing any resistance exercise to help build muscle, Cardio alone will not really build muscle or strength.

I would add resistance exercise, either bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, pushups, situps, crunches, jumping jacks etc or actual weight training with machines or with barbells and dumbbells.

It is common for the body to store fats in the belly area, which is apparently what is happening with you. The body always keeps a storage of some fats.

A healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and small amounts of meat goes a long way toward dropping the fat, resistance exercise is also a great fat burner as the muscles need energy to rebuild after exercise and will burn more fat. Cardio is great but is not all inclusive and does not burn fat after you stop as does resistance exercise.

Hope this helps,

Have a great day


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