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I started going back to the gym after a couple years of living a sedentary life.  Iím 37@30%+ body fat and weigh 223lbs.  8 years ago (@240lbs) & 17 years ago (@280lbs) Iíve transformed my body by doing 2 hours of cardio every other day with an hour of weights and years later I did only full body dumbbell circuit training respectively losing 50 lbs in 2 months and 90lbs in 4 via the methods described.  I learned that with diet and weights I didnít have to do so much cardio and also get the benefit of adding some strength and muscle but back in those days and even today people urge the obese to do LOTS of cardio.

Now Iím doing the same compound lift, full body workout 3-5 sets x10-15 reps 3 days a week and the other 3 days a 15min core workout with 2 10min hiit cardio sessions spaced.  Here are some ideas I got to get to results sooner than later and would like your HYPOTHETIC/THEORETIC/GENERAL opinion:

1.   More volume: every 2 weeks switch up my full body workout for doing an am upper and a pm lower body workout or trash the 3 cardio/core days for either an upper body or lower body day, with maybe a 30min cardio session on Sunday?
2.   More hiit: on my cardio day, every 2 hours do a 10min hiit beach running session, in a whole day I should be able to run 4 to 6 times a day. I understand people have problems with cardio because it hampers gains but I also read it helps with getting stronger if itís short and intense. Running on soft sand is nothing like cardio on a machine, itís the only thing that really kicks my butt.

Hi Mike,
The design, plan and execution of your workout is amazing! I always like to mix it up, and it can be hard because there are lots of variables -- many possibilities. You have done an amazing job.

The only word of direction I would add is to be sure you allow time for your body to recover between workouts. That easy Sunday workout is a great idea. Eat well, drink water! Otherwise I have to say you are a very well informed individual.

There isn't anything else to add.

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