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Weightlifting & Exercise/hip pain when performing squats


Hello, Greg Hoppe

I feel pain in the front part of my hips when I perform squats. The pain is more acute the deeper I go, and I also feel pain when raising my knee while standing.

How could I fix this and prevent it in the future?

Thank you



Hi Jake,

It sounds to me that the problem is with your hip flexors (the muscles that bring your knees to your torso) as the actions that causing you the pain are are what I just described. These muscles are typically very deep and under the abdominals and connect on the spine over the pelvis and attach near the inside the head of the femur. Squats, leg presses and crunch's will definitely be sensitive if you do them with this condition.
So as to what is occuring here there could be several thinmgs. First I am going to assume you have no prior injuries in this region that the exercises you described would exacerbate. More than likely you just have tight hip flexors and/or you might have an adhesion (when the muscle fibers get stuck together instead of sliding over each other) which are no cause for concern. I recommend some good stretching after a warm-up, then do some of the exercises you mentioned with very light weight to see if the pain has subsided. You may need to take a few days, possibly a week off from doing those exercises to let it heal. Stretch the quadriceps real good as well and if you can stand it, massage the muscles by sticking your straightened fingers in to the region where the crease appears where you lower abdominals join your hip. These muscles lie very deep so be prepared to go all the way up to your first or second knuckles. I advise this massage technique as a last resort or in conjunction with the above advice. If it lasts loger than a couple weeks or other symptoms that become debilitationg should arise, then definitely seek medical attention. I don't suspect this is anything to be overly concerned about but I realize the pain and lack of range of motion is very disheartening. I hope that this subsides quickly Jake and good luck going forward. If you have any further concerns by all means write back. Best of Luck.


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