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Someone left my bike out on the side of the deck that isn't covered and it down poured for the better part of that night. Two days later I rode it and when the chains are moving it has a metal scratching noise every 2 or 3 resolutions but mostly randomly. It rode fine otherwise but what could that noise mean?

Hi James,

Probably means the chain and drivetrain need some lube, probably a good clean and lube for the drivetrain. if the noise appears to be coming from inside the bottom bracket or inside the rear wheel then it may need the bearings repacked, hard to tell for sure without actually seeing the bike.

You may be able to quiet or even eliminate the noise by spraying some wd-40 white lithium into the bottom bracket ( where the pedals are) or wheel (into the axle) but that is a temporary fix, so you may still need to repack or replace the bearings.

The scraping noise is telling you that something is not right, it will need fixed before you go too far. If the suggestions above don't "fix" it, take it to a shop and have them check it out.

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