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I have had awful lack of success in losing weight, in recent years. Partly, it was due to my alcohol-consumption(unfortunately, I tend to do the right things which greatly reduce negative effects from alcohol). I also eat way too much. I don't eat junk food/processed foods so do not need dietary advice. What I am looking for is advice on what to do when at the gym(I intend to do 2 sessions a week, all I have time for). I also would like to get some advice on what exercises(and how much exercise) I could/should do at home. I am also looking desperately into ways to boost my metabolism other than exercise. For example, I have a brother who does only limited physical exercise once or twice a week, and he can wolf down vast amounts of food without gaining weight, due to an unusual metabolism, whereas I find losing weight extraordinarily difficult even if I do lots of exercise. Water-fasting helps but I then pile on the pounds afterwards.

Lastly, could you give me your opinion on essential oils and weight-loss?

Thanks for any answers to these questions! Gerald

Thanks for your questions, Gerald, and happy new year!

If you re-read your message, it looks like you're already on track to find the answers you're looking for! ex: "I eat way too much", "I find losing weight extraordinarily difficult even if I do lots of exercise" and "water-fasting helps, BUT THEN I PILE ON THE POUNDS AFTERWARDS" (I added CAPS to point that out for other readers.)

What do you think might happen if you were to try the OPPOSITE of these things as an 'experiment' for just a few weeks?

* eat 'just enough' (I often use a guideline of eating to 3/4 full. Not gut-busting STUFFED. Not walking away hungry. But just enough so that you're hunger is SATISFIED.

* instead of focusing on doing MORE exercise, what about looking at the QUALITY of movements you do? (Without at TON more information about your current and past training plan(s), injury history, available equipment and experience, it's virtually impossible to suggest specific exercises, loads, volume, etc, but as another basic guideline I use in my program, "This Workout Doesn't Suck", we start by creating a weekly training target of 3 cumulative hours. From there, we can either do MORE or MORE INTENSE. (you can read more about my approach at www.thisworkout.com)

* instead of avoiding food ("water-fasting"), what foods do you like that can provide you with a variety of nutrients, flavors, textures, temperatures, etc? As mentioned previously, eat "just enough" to be SATISFIED, not 'uncomfortably full'.

Finally, my "opinion" on essential oils and weight loss: if it works for you (on the scale, emotionally, psychologically, whatever...) - or anyone else who reads this, then I suppose it "works". If there credible research demonstrating that the use of such oils is effective... well... I haven't seen it yet.

Hope this helps!

-Coach Joe-  

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