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SkinnyBob wrote at 2008-12-14 23:21:14
I get this problem and I'm 29.

I'm in good health I eat fruit and vegetables and a little meat, don't smoke, done light exercise almost daily since 18...

But recently I started doing some extra arm exercises.

I don't think the age has to do with it. I think some muscles are getting too big and are blocking the veins... honestly I don't know the solution however. I would like to find an expert who knows.

I guess someone who has coached a lot of weightlifters... he might know.

Shayne wrote at 2013-10-07 21:34:34
Steve, I'm 42 & have been lifting for almost a year. I'm having the same issue! When I sleep on my stomach (100% of the time) I'm woken up by numb, painful, tingling hands! I googled this issue and came upon this forum. My next move is to talk to my doctor. Thanks for sharing!

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I can help set up a weightlifting program, give suggestions on specific exercises and how to deal with injuries. We can discuss your goals and effective ways to work towards them. I compete at powerlifting, and have been weightlifting for over 15 years.


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