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Welding/tig welding cobalt-6(stellite) rod to carbonn steel for surfacing


Gary Galway wrote at 2011-07-27 12:47:32
If you are using the real Stellite material pre heat and post heat are very important and you can reduce or eliminate the cracking. You must take the base material to full expansion prior to welding and keep it there while applying the overlay. For Stellite 6 I would recommend approx. 600*F. Once you are finished welding cool the pieces as slowly as you can. Bury it in sand or vermiculite for a couple of days.

If you continue to have issues you can send it to us and we can do the work for you.

Hope this helps

Vinayak wrote at 2012-02-12 10:45:45
Well add on to this,

I have got here to do a stellite 6 overlay on SS410.

i am looking foraward to qualify a welding procedure first.

Could you please suggest how to carry on this overlay.

Basematerial - SS 410 , thickness 20mm-25 mm

Filler wire  - Stellite 6 ,

Process  - Tig welding

To what temp we need to preheat , and to what temp we have to do PWHT, heating rate,cooling rate,holding time ?  

jim wrote at 2013-07-29 18:44:16

Could you ever get answer to your question? if yes, please share. i am also in the same boat as you were.

Thanks in advance.


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