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Welding/tigwelding/Tig Brazing of Aluminum& Brass to carbon steel


how to weld or braze which filler metal should be used for weldin or brazing of followings

1)carbon steel to brass
2)carbon steel to aluminum
3)brass to aluminum

The only material that can join all those metals directly is going to a Zinc alloy filler called zamak 3.
It is sold as a miracle rod, but is actually quite brittle and weak.

Brass is a copper/zinc alloy that should never be welded.
It can be silver soldered to itself, steel or stainless steel.

Steel and aluminum can never be welded directly to each other.
To join them we use "transition metal" strips.
Transition metals are made from 2 dissimilar metals that are explosively welded together.

These strips are used extensively in shipyards.

Any attempt to weld aluminum to any copper alloy will lead to disaster.
Aluminum and copper will alloy together to form aluminum bronze, which is incredibly hard and brittle.  


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