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Welding/tig welding 6063 & 6061


Hi i have a few questions Can you tig weld 6063 to 6061? And also i understand that 6061 is stronger than 6063 ? But I have read that 6061 gets weak when welded? So after welding which is stronger 6063 or 6061

It is a little more complicated.
6061 and 6063 are heat treatable alloys.
6061 is most commonly available in the T6 hardness.
6063 maxes out at about T4, and does have a lower tensile strength, but it is used for extrusions that need to be rolled into curves or press formed.

You can weld 6061 to 6063 just fine using 5356 or 4043 filler rods.
After welding the heat affected zone will be at a lower hardness. Usually it will be around T2 - T3.

Both alloys are precipitation hardening. This means that their hardness is affected by time and temperature.
T6 is "artificially age hardened", and can only be achieved using a complicated series of heat/time programs in an electronically controlled oven.

While the heat affected zone around the weld will be reduced to a T2 after welding, over the next few weeks the hardness will climb to a maximum of T5.
The only way to get 6061 back to a T6 is to heat treat the entire part.
However if you are welding 6063 to 6061, a T6 condition won't matter.

To answer your exact question, even after welding 6061 is still going to be stronger.


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