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QUESTION: Ernie when I add my helium bottle for mixing with other gasses for mig and tig welding, Do you recommend a location that the check valve should be in for safety reasons? Or dont it matter where in the line it is?

ANSWER: First go to

and download

On page 8 of the fittings catalog you will see hose barbs and nuts.
You will need 3 of the #7 oxygen nuts, and #17 hose barbs.
On page 9 you will need one #30 hose to hose fitting.  
On page 13 you will see Inert gas nuts and barbs.
You will need 3 of the #AW-14A nuts and #AW-17 hose barbs.
On page 16 you will have a choice between 2 Y-spliters.
You can use the simple #101 or the fancier #111 which has valves.
I like the valves.
On page 33 you will need two #CV-7R check valves.

Most welding suppliers carry Western enterprises parts, but you can also buy them through by searching the category "Tools & Home Improvement" for the term "western enterprises".

Once you have all the parts assembly is obvious.
One check valve on each leg of the Y-fitting.
The oxygen and inert gas nuts and barbs can be used with long or short hoses depending on where your tanks are.

I also use the quick connects on page 35, but they are expensive.

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QUESTION: Ernie just came back from the welding supply store, They told me there was a global shortage of helium and what they did have they were only selling to research and development facilities. And not sure when they would be selling it again to shops. Any advice for me?

The global shortage of helium is 10 years old.
I call bullshit on your supplier.
Maybe he can't get any at a price he likes, but there is plenty of helium available.
If they have helium for party balloons then there is helium for hobby welders.
Ask a local party shop where they get their helium from.

I actually bought helium from a balloon supplier on a Saturday once.
He just cross filled my tank off of his manifold.

Ask around, and I think you will find it somewhere.


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