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Hi i am Mumtaz
I wear far sided eye glasses
i want to do Arc and MIG welding
can i still wear my glasses while
doing welding
What shade should i use for that

Yes, you can wear your prescription glasses under your welding hood.
I wear reading glasses under mine for very small TIG welding.
Arc welding mostly uses shades 9, 10, and 11.

#9 is for light welding.
#10 is for medium welding.
#11 is for heavy welding.

For soldering with a propane torch use #3.
For welding or cutting with a gas torch you want #5 goggles or a face shield.

For plasma cutting you want a #5 for work 25 amps and under.
For heavier plasma cutting a #7 or #8.

You can buy a low cost LCD auto-darkening hood for $60 to $80 (US) that is adjustable in darkness from #9 to #11.


To wear your prescription glasses when using a torch, you can use a full face shield or get goggles that go over your glasses.
These can be purchased in a #3 or #5


Or you can put one of these lenses in a standard face shield



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