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Not a welder. I'm in the safety office and working with our theater scene shop folks to improve their welding facility. Not seeing much information about welding tables specific to theater work out there. Can you direct me to a good source of information? Thanks.

I was a union stagehand for 12 years, and my degree is a BA in Theatre Tech from Purdue.
I built operas, ballets and stage shows for years.

The best table for welding in theatre is a system of tables.
Not one big table, but several tables that can be combined and connected to make a table of any length or width.

Most theatre welding is pretty light as far at the welding industry is concerned.
Mostly thin wall tube, angle iron, channel and plate 1/4" and under.

You don't need huge heavy tables.
Light weight wood tables or tube steel frames are fine, with 3/16" or 1/4" steel tops

A lot of theatres weld on wooden tables, which is OK as long as you place pieces of steel sheet under the joint being welded.
There is no real danger of setting a wood table on fire, but the burning wood contaminates the shielding gas and gives you bad welds.

I built a lot of stuff on a modular system of folding steel sawhorses, with steel tubes laid across the tops, and then full sheets of 3/4" MDF for a top.
It is a very easy system to store and MDF is self extinguishing because of all the glue.
Also you can screw jig blocks anywhere you like for building frames and trusses.
I would just keep a stack of 6" squares of 16 gauge steel sheet to place under each weld joint.

There are welding table systems sold by Strong Hand and others that are very adaptable and versatile, but also expensive.

If you need drawings for some table systems I have built in the past, contact me directly at  


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