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QUESTION: How do you set up the welding machine up for dual shield welding. Is the gun (-) or (+). I am using 75/25 gas and 1/16 inch wire. I am pulling the wire. I am getting a lot of spatter and cracks in the weld.

ANSWER: Hard wire MIG and Dual Shield are Electrode Positive.
Self Shielded Wire is Electrode Negative.

1/16" wire has a happy place at 23 volts and 200 amps.

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QUESTION: I have seen pictures of dual shield welding and beads all look smooth and shiny. I can do this with flux-core, but not dual shield. Is that because of the heat or feed. Is it technic. This really bothers me. Sometimes it is hard for me to get good penetration.

Dual-shield is dead easy.
Set the machine correctly and weld back-hand (pulling the gun, not pushing).
Move slow and steady, and the weld should just flow.
If your dual shield welds look choppy, or rough, there must be something off with your setup.
Could be your gas, or polarity.

Electrode Positive, C25 gas (75% Argon/25% CO2)

Also you can't leave flux-core wires on a machine uncovered for too long our they will get moisture in the flux.

In industry the wire is usually used up before this happens, but hobbyists often have this problem.
If your wire is on a wire spool you can bake it to dry it out, but if it is on a plastic spool, that is trickier.  


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