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My question concerns the WABO test for dual shield. Do you know what size wire is used for the one inch plate all position test? And what settings should be used for the overhead and vertical welds. Also,for the vertical weld do they allow you to weave the weld or is it primarily stringer welds? Wire speed would be great as well. Thanks,JAMES.

1/16" wire is the most common used for testing, but the code does not specify wire size.
1/16" dual-shield wire is happiest around 23 volts and 200 amps, in all positions.
Adjust your wire speed until you have 200 amps output.

If your machine does not have an ammeter on it, you can use a clamp style ammeter as long as it can read DC amps.

I use an Extech ammeter model MA220

There is nothing in the code about stringers or weaves.
WABO is very very vague.

Individual test proctors can have their own bias, but the code does not tell you much.
Only that you can't have any inclusions in the weld over 1/8".

Also the code says no grinding, but you can have a right angle grinder with a wire wheel on it to clean between passes.  


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