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QUESTION: can we make new WPS witout doing PQR
and if yes how is that

ANSWER: I am not sure about this. I will give you what I know about new procedures. First a welding engineer has to write the procedure, then a welder has to make the weld to the spec of the procedure. Then the weld has to pass to make it a standard.
I am sorry it took so long to get an answer to you. I had answered it, but apparently it didn't post. I hope my answer is helpful. Belinda

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QUESTION: okey, but if  welder make the weld to the spec procedure , it does not make that he do PQR or not

I don't understand the question. What is PQR? Once a procedure is written, a welder qualifies the procedure by making the weld and it passes, that should be all that is necessary, as far as I know. A welding engineer or QC would be a better One to answer this question if my answer is not sufficient. I hope this helpful. Belinda


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I have worked in the construction industry 31 years. I have worked in several environments that would include petrol-chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, paper mills, clear room facilities, and much more.

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