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Welding/6g test stick root,fcaw fill & cap


QUESTION: Hello ive never actually done pipe but alot of plate in all positions,when starting from the bottom & working up i was thinking about 23volts do i need to change that as i progress up or can i keep it the same ? 6010 rod then 035 wire .

ANSWER: A 6G pipe test is a very tricky one.
In industry we never use the smaller wire sizes of Self Shielded Flux Core.
The smallest we use is 1/16", but more commonly we use 5/64".

23 volts is pretty hot for a 0.035" wire under any circumstances.
20 is as hot as I would go on a wire that small.

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QUESTION: Thanks what amps would you use for the root with 6010 rod and do i need to change it as i progress round or just keep it the same?
Sorry i was wrong about the wire size for fill & cap it is 1/16"  so about 21-23 volts ok ,THANKS

6010 amperage for an open root pipe weld is going to vary a little in relation to the exact root opening you have.

With exactly a 1/8" root I would start are around 70-80 amps for an 1/8" electrode.
I can run hotter than that, but I have been doing it for 20 years.
Taming 6010 is all about heat control through manipulating the end of the electrode.

Pause long, whip short means more penetration.
Pause short, whip long means less penetration.

With a 1/16" wire 23 volts 200 amps works well.


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