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Hi There,

I have a few questions. Basically, I'm 40 and have so far only really done low-paid white-collar jobs. After recovery from a long illness I am thinking of retraining as a welder in Austria as it is a very responsible, interesting job that pays well.

1) What is the real job outlook for welders? I am getting conflicting reports with some saying that welding is  all becoming automated and that job prospects are dire etc., while others state that it is a booming career with lots of opportunities and solid job-security and certainty of getting an employer after training ends.

2) I am slightly short-sighted(-2.5 in each eye), and read without glasses etc.. Would that be an issue re finding welding work?

3) I read somewhere that there are 2 different ways to learn welding, one which lasts 2 years and is pretty comprehensive or another path wherein one just does 1 or 2 semesters. What would you recommend and does the latter approach seriously harm the chance of gaining employment?

Any answers and further advice/info appreciated,

Edwin, first off the world over has a shortage of welders. Some of the welding is automated, BUT guess who runs the machines? WELDERS! U got to know what you are looking at to run a machine.  I am also near sighted. I take my glasses off to read and weld. I'm blind as a bat over 18" away from my face. The short schooling will give you only basic.and I mean basic skills. The longer one is better because the more y our weld the better you will become. I suggest a technical school or contacting your local union. You may be able to get In To an apprenticeship program.  


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Most on welding and fabrication, blueprints, pipefitting, orbital welding. I can give advice on technique and choosing the right rods, process, and material to use. I know a few short cuts to use that may help in different areas. I have helped train new welders and have been welding in the construction industry for 31 years.


I have worked in the construction industry 31 years. I have worked in several environments that would include petrol-chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, paper mills, clear room facilities, and much more.

Diploma in Welding Technology - 1976 Augusta Tech. College Diplomas in Industrial Mechanical Control Tech. specializing in Instrumentation Installation and Electrical Installations -2006-Savannah Tech. College. Associates Degree in HVAC - 2006 - Savannah Tech. College

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