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Welding/brazing pin holes


QUESTION: hi ernie

hi i use a silver brazing electrode ( TE 61 T 56% silver )and flux paste and lpg+oxygen gas torch brazing . i braze ss303 sheet part with ss303 solid base .  when i braze i find some pin  holes in my brazing . please suggest !


JP Singh.

ANSWER: The most common cause of pinholes in solder is insufficient cleaning beforehand.
Clean all your parts with a fine abrasive paper before soldering.

Another thing to watch out for is overheating your flux.
If the flux gets too hot it can often cause flow problems.

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QUESTION: hi ernie

well i have ultrasonic cleaning machine . and i wash all the parts in that prior to brazing . so cleaning is not my problem . the flux is over heated sorry i dint get this the melting temp for flux is 400-500'c and of filler  is 650"c so we have to heat the thing upto 650 and the operating time is 12 seconds for my operation , my brazing length is 25-30 mm and sheet thicknes is 1.2 mm and filler is 1.0 mm dia .

plz suggest !

ANSWER: Still sounds like you are getting it too hot.
Is this furnace brazing?
Can you control the atmosphere in the furnace?

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QUESTION: sorry i it is not furnace brazing , its fuel oxy torch brazing and there no temp sensors when the flux melts becums white puffy and part becomes red hot i apply the brazing rod ( silver )
i also have induction brazing there also i am gettintg the same problem
the joint has 0.005or less " fit tolerance it is u shape joint .

plz suggest !

If you are torch brazing you have to be very careful with your gas balance.
You need to run a slightly carburizing flame.
The carbon feather should be twice as long as the inner cone.
This reduces the oxygen in the flame and therefore reduces the oxidation of the metals when hot.


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