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As a welding enthusiast, I work around heavy equipment and notice welders repairing components, repairing bodies of equipment, building up excavator buckets etc.
Noticed that welding is a slow timely activity and wanted to find out:
1. Are there any ways to make welding 10 times faster at the same quality. What techniques / types of welding can be used to make welding faster?
2. Are there any special machines or tools that can be used to build up undercarriage parts, shafts, pins etc... What are names of some?

As of this moment none that I know of. Welding is a science that advances every year. As for shafts and such equal heat distrubution is a must because heat can cause warpage. Welding on items such as shafts and the like is a slow process for it to be done right. Thank you for your questions. Belinda


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Belinda R. Gattman


Most on welding and fabrication, blueprints, pipefitting, orbital welding. I can give advice on technique and choosing the right rods, process, and material to use. I know a few short cuts to use that may help in different areas. I have helped train new welders and have been welding in the construction industry for 31 years.


I have worked in the construction industry 31 years. I have worked in several environments that would include petrol-chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, paper mills, clear room facilities, and much more.

Diploma in Welding Technology - 1976 Augusta Tech. College Diplomas in Industrial Mechanical Control Tech. specializing in Instrumentation Installation and Electrical Installations -2006-Savannah Tech. College. Associates Degree in HVAC - 2006 - Savannah Tech. College

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