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how to measure travelling speed and current in pulsed mode GTAW.Because there are always 2 values of these parameters 1 for high pulse(HP) and  1 for low pulse(L).i actually want to calculate heat input for this.so any guidance will be appreciated.
i.e. my data is
HP current 112 A
LP current 56 A
HP time 0.31 sec
LP time 0.31 sec
HP travelling speed 1 mm/min
LP travelling speed 150 mm/min
also can anyone tell me how can i find arc voltage value in machine data because i am using ORBIMAT 300 CA model of orbital welding machine and i can't find arc voltage value.thanx in advance

I am not an expert on Orbital TIG systems.
I wish I was, but I have only been around them a few times as an inspector

You will need to figure out the heat you are putting into the metal by averaging your high amperage and you low amperage. This will give you a better number for your travel speed calculations.

Pro-Fusion is a company that specializes in Orbital TIG systems.
They have some online calculators that can help.


You can also call them for technical help with orbital welding systems.

Sorry I can't be more help.
Best of luck.


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